Men's scheduled competitions

2017-18 Mixed TUESDAY Triples at our club .

Entry fee as for normal Thursday Triples, prizes differ slightly. Refer to the Mixed Competitions page for full details and dates.

All enquiries to Convenor John Heaton 04 902 0107

2017-18 competition start dates:

Bowen Pairs                              Oct 18, 25

Won by: W Allen (s) & N Broughton

Runners up: E Martin (s) & W Simenauer

Championship Fours            Nov 25, 26
Won by: B Liddall (s), E Martin, R Doughty, K Redwood
Runners up: C Shewan (s), S Kwok, B Rapson, J Megaw
Handicap Singles              Nov 15, 29
Won by: W Allen
Runner Up: B Paddock   

Junior Champ Singles       Feb 4    
Won by: A Hale
Runner Up: B Beard

Championship Triples           Feb 18, Mar 4
Won by: R Doughty (s), J Randle, K Redmond
Runners up: W Allen (s), A Doherty, R Papps 

Championship Singles      Jan 7, 13, 27, 28, Feb 4   
Won by: R Hakkens
Runner up: J Randle
Championship Pairs               Nov 11, Dec 2, 17 (16 if needed)  
Won by: B Liddal & R Doughty
Runners up: W Allen & R Papps
Mixed Veteran Triples          Feb 23
Won by: W Allen (s), H Holme, P Brown
Runners Up: C Shewan (s), R Gill, P Robertson

First Year Singles
Won by: N Booth
Runner up: P Edwards              

Club Thomas Triples         Oct 11, Nov 8, Jan 17, Feb 28, Mar 14
Won by: E White (s), Y de Kruif, N Booth
Runners Up: A Bradley (s), B Rapson, R Brown  

Club Fours                          Oct 21, Nov 25, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 17, Mar 24 
Won by: W Allen (s), B Rapson, A Doherty, A Hale
Runners up: E Martin (s), B Paddock, Y de Kruif, B Beard  

Men's Pennants                     

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