Men's scheduled competitions 2018-19


TUESDAY Triples at our club. Any combination. Dates of play:

Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11, Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 9

Start time 10 am. 3 games each of 10 ends. Any combination - men, women or both. Entry fee $8.00. Bring your own lunch.

Prizes the same as usual Thursday Triples, with the exception that the normal 3rd prize is allocated to a mystery team. The position of that team is declared at the start of play.

Convenors: Rewa Allen 04 902 1255 or John Heaton 04 902 0107



2018-19 Competition start dates: 

Bowen Pairs                                                       Oct 26, Oct 31

Won by: E Martin (s) & W Simenauer

Runners up: B Swindail (s) & R Brown

Championship Fours               Oct 13, Oct 27, Oct 28    
Won by: M Hakkens (s), R Hakkens, W Allen, J Randle
Runners up: B Swindail (s), R Coombes, S Kwok, A Bradley
Handicap Singles                          Feb 27, Mar 13
Won by: W Allen
Runner Up: B Paddock  

Junior Champ Singles          Feb 15, Feb 16  
Won by: B Beard
Runner Up: A Hale

Championship Triples                    Feb 9, Feb 10, Feb 24
Won by: B Swindail (s), S Kwok, A Bradley
Runners up: TBA 

Championship Singles            Nov 10, Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 15, Dec 16   
Won by: A Bradley
Runner up: B Swindail
Championship Pairs                         19, Jan 20, Jan 26, Feb 2
Won by:  R Doughty (s) & B Paddock
Runners up: W Allen (s) & R Papps
Mixed Veteran Triples                  Feb 22
Won by: Not played due to weather
Runners Up:
Novice Singles                              Feb 23
Won by: T White
Runner up: J Watson       

Club Thomas Triples            Oct 10, Nov 14, Jan 30, Feb 6, Mar 27, Apr 10 (spare) 
Won by: W Allen (s), B Rapson, W Simenauer
Runners Up: C Shewan (s), R Brown, N Booth

Club Fours                             Oct 13, Nov 24, Dec 15, Feb 16, Mar 2, Mar 30 (spare)   
Won by: W Allen (s), A Doherty, A Moul, N Booth
Runners up: C Shewan (s), B Rapson, R Brown, A Hale

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