Mixed scheduled competitions 2021-22 season


Amalgamation Cup                           

(see commentry below)

Won by: The Men

Hodder Plate                                    

(see commentry below)

Won by: The Women      

Harmony Cup & Plate                       

Cup won by: A & J Doherty

Plate won by: W & R Allen

Jack & Jill Cup & Plate                     

Cup won by: E Martin & F Kell

Plate won by: A Bradley & H Holme

Mixed Handicap Singles                   

Won by: D Gill

Runner up: G Baxter

Mixed Veteran Triples                        

Won by: G Baxter(s), W Allen, J West

Runners up: B Swindail(s), H Holme, R Turner

Martyn Pairs                                       

Won by:

Runners up:

Barometer & Norm Allen Cup                

Not being played this season

Club Captains Day                             

Won by:

Runners up:                                     

Ryman Pairs  Not played due to weather

Ryman Triples

Won by: B Liddell(s), R Wilkinson (Waikanae), E Martin                                    

Ryman Challenge          

Won by:  Charles Fleming Village

Parkwood Cup                                   

(see commentry below)

Won by: Waikanae

Bogisch Cup                                        

(see commentry below)

Won by: G McPherson

Runner up: N McPherson

Goodwill Trophy:

Waikanae Beach v's Waikanae           

Won by:  Waikanae


Explaination of Events:

Amalgamation Cup: The Amalgamation Cup is usually played four times in the season either triples of fours depending on numbers. Dates as listed above. Wins and ends are combined to find the overall winner at the end of the competition. The cup was donated by Tom and Marie Simpson in 1996 to celebrate the amalgamation of the Men's and Women's clubs.

Parkwood Cup: This trophy was donated by Parkwood Village to the Waikanae Beach Bowling Club when the club celebrated its 50th jubilee in 1996. Traditionally it was mixed fours played over 2 days and is awarded to the best performing Waikanae Beach team. It is always mixed and preferably teams of fours. Outside teams are encouraged to play, but they cannot take possession of the cup which remains at the Waikanae Beach club each year.

Norm Allen Cup & Barometer events: The annual clash between our club and Waikanae. Two events are played – the Norm Allen cup for the Men and the Barometer for the Women, both of which have been played every year for the past 40 years and alternating at each club.

The Hodder Plate: The Hodder Plate was donated by Keith & Irene Hodder in 1966, both former presidents Always Men verses Women over one day. It used to be played on the day of the Christmas party and was 21 ends. It was changed in 2000 to 16 ends and played prior to Christmas.

The Bogisch Cup: John Bogisch, a long standing member of the club, donated this cup in 2001 to acknowledge the winners of the Men's and Women's Junior Champions. After winning the Men's Junior's in the 2001-02 season John then played Jenni Patterson, who had won the Women's Juniors, and so started the Bogisch Cup. Jenni won the game that fist year.