Welcome to Waikanae Beach Bowling Club

Established 1946

Women's scheduled competitions 2019-20

Summer season THURSDAY LADIES Triples at our club:

Played on the 1st Thursday of every month starting date to be advised Start time 9.30 am. 4 games each of 8 ends. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Entry fee $8.00 Bring your own lunch. All enquires to the convenors Rewa Allen 04 902 1255 or Di Gill 04 905 8723

TUESDAY Triples at our club. Any combination. Dates of play to be advised Start time 10 am. 3 games each of 10 ends. Any combination - men, women or both. Entry fee $10.00. Bring your own lunch. Prizes the same as usual Thursday Triples, with the exception that the normal 3rd prize is allocated to a mystery team. The position of that team is declared at the start of play. Convenors: Rewa Allen 04 902 1255 or John Heaton 04 902 0107

2019-20 season competition results:

Bell Pairs 

Skips: Winner H Alford, Runner-up A Piper

Leads: Winner A Geelan, Runner-up G Aarum

Championship Fours

Won by: H Alford(s), G Baxter, G Aarum, G Kerr

Runners up: None (equal points)

Junior Championship Singles

Won by: G Aarum                     

Runner up: N McPherson

Handicap Singles 

Won by: H Holme

Runner Up: C Joyce

Championship Triples

Won by: G Baxter (s), F Kell, R Turner

Runners up: M Thomas (s), G Kerr, P Brown

Intermediate Triples    

Not played this year

Championship Singles

Won by: M Rapson

Runner Up: H Holme

Championship Pairs

Won by: M Thomas(s) & M Rapson

Runners up: H Alford(s) & G Baxter

Novice Singles           

Won by: N McPherson

Runner up: M Marchant

Martyn Pairs                

Won by: J Doherty(s) & C Joyce

Runners up: R Turner(s) & M Marchant

Mixed Veteran Triples

Won by: C Shewan(s), D Gill, G Aarum

Runners up: A Bradley(s), R Gill, J Joyce

England Triples

Not able to be completed because of Covid-19

Club Fours                    

Won by: R Allen (s), M Rapson, J Doherty, H Read

Runners up: J Cousins(s) H Holme, A Geelan, N McPherson