Welcome to Waikanae Beach Bowling Club

Established 1946


Women's scheduled competitions 2020-21 season


Bell Pairs                                       

Skips: Winner: A Piper. Runner up H Alford

Leads: Winner: G Kerr. Runner up M Simpson

Championship Fours                    

Won by: D. Gill(s), H Holme, J Doherty, C Joyce

Runners up: H. Alford(s), M Simpson, A Geelen, G Kerr

Junior Championship Singles    

Won by: N McPherson                  

Runner up: M Marchant

Handicap Singles                          

Won by: H Holme

Runner Up: C Joyce

Championship Triples                  

Won by: G Baxter(s), F Kell, R Turner

Runners up: H Alford(s), J Cousins, M Simpson

Intermediate Triples                       

Not played this year

Championship Singles                  

Won by: H Holme

Runner Up: G Aarum

Championship Pairs                      

Won by: F Kell(s) & M Rapson

Runners up: R Allen(s) & H Holme

Novice Singles                                

None eligible to play this year

Martyn Pairs                                    

Won by:  J. Doherty(s), N. McPherson

Runners up:  H. Reid(s), C. Joyce

Mixed Veteran Triples                     

Won by: W Allen(s), D Gill, G Aarum

Runners up: G Baxter(s), B Rapson, M Marchant

England Triples                             

Won by: J Cousins(s), H Holme, N McPherson

Runners up: F Kell(s), M Simpson, M Marchant

Club Fours                                       

Won by: H. Alford(s), D. Gill, M. Simpson, N. McPherson

Runners up: P. Davie(s), F. Kell, J. Doherty, C. Joyce